Current status of Japanese input in ReactOS


日本語ReactOSは、自作のテスト用IMEである MZ-IME日本語入力 を認識し、実際に使用出来ることを確認した。この文章も日本語ReactOSのMZ-IMEで書いた物である。

こちらより、最新のNightly BuildsのReactOSのディスクイメージbootcd.isoをダウンロードできる。

正式リリースではないNightly Buildには、日本語フォントは含まれていないが、デスクトップのアプリマネージャより、「ReactOS JPN Package」をインストールすれば、ReactOSは日本語化され、日本語フォントとIMEがインストールされる。






不具合や問題点については で報告されたい。


Seven months have passed since my last report, and I would like to explain the current status of Japanese input in ReactOS.

We have confirmed that Japanese ReactOS recognizes and can actually use MZ-IME Japanese input, a home-made test IME. This Japanese text was also written with MZ-IME on Japanese ReactOS.

You can download the latest Nightly Builds ReactOS disk image bootcd.iso from here.

The Nightly Build, which is not an official release, does not include Japanese fonts, but if you install the “ReactOS JPN Package” from the desktop app manager, ReactOS will be converted to Japanese and Japanese fonts and IMEs will be installed.

The following is a technical description.

After the IMM32 implementation was almost complete, the remaining issue was the implementation on the USER32 side, where the default procedure and the processing of the default IME window and EDIT control had not yet been written.

The default procedure required the handling of several IME messages. The default IME window is an invisible window that is essential in IME messaging; the EDIT control is a so-called text box that required proper handling of some IME messages.

When IME message handling was implemented, the IME composition string window and candidate window were displayed correctly.

Note that Japanese input for Command Prompt and Rich Edit Control is not yet available. Also, several glitches and instabilities remain. Also, the ReactOS IMM is currently for older systems and does not support the newer TSF-compatible IMEs.

Defects and problems should be reported at .